I’m Rosjke Hasseldine, a mother daughter relationship therapist, writer, speaker, and workshop presenter. I have an international reputation for unraveling the root causes of why mothers and daughters fight and misunderstand each other. 

Over the last twenty years I have worked with hundreds of mothers & daughters, step-mothers & daughters, and mothers & daughters-in-law, which has given me a unique insight into the causes of mother daughter relationship conflict. 

I have developed a model on how to successfully help mothers & daughters, which I call “Strong Mothers and Daughters”. It draws on many existing counseling theories, like family systems, feminist theory, and cognitive behavioral therapy. 

Strong Mothers and Daughters includes mapping a woman’s mother daughter history, which exposes the themes that are passed on from mother to daughter. Mother Daughter History Maps link what is happening between a mother and daughter with how women are treated and viewed within the family and wider society, as well as highlighting the vital themes necessary for mother daughter empowerment and loving connection. 

The mother daughter relationship is vital for women’s psychological development, emotional wellbeing, empowerment and equality.


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“Mothers feel responsible for their (children’s) daughters’ welfare, and the foundation for them to thrive is good nutrition. When this does not occur mothers often feel blame, guilt, anger, sadness, frustration, embarrassment and despair, amongst other emotions. The resulting drain on the mother’s energy and happiness is frequently not recognized, as the emphasis on treating an eating disorder focuses on the daughter. Mothers need support to enable them to deal with the above feelings so they can retain the strength to assist their daughters. In my daughter’s experience of conquering an eating disorder, consultation with Rosjke, which included addressing the mother daughter relationship, was essential to her recovery as well as maintenance of my own self-esteem.”
Jocelyn Scott 

“I think the work you do is TRULY awesome. We need more women like you in the world”.
Amy Sedgwick
Co-Founder www.redtentsisters.com

“I just want to say thank you because you truly changed my life.”
Sarah Owen

"Rosjke's work to heal mother daughter relationships is vital in creating a world where women can live with dignity. She is empowering women to speak out and take their rightful place in building a world that is stable, sustainable, and peace loving."

Tina Coombs
Advisor, Women's Federation for World Peace Intl.